We pride ourselves of being one of the few clinics in Qatar that is, providing a completely updated healthcare, and bringing together the most highly qualified specialized doctors to be working in one of the state of art medical centers.Our doctors are up to date with all the new treatment modalities and innovations in the medical field. 

Advance medical clinic is one of the few centers that is equipped with all the sophisticated and updated equipment in the same place with all the recent advancements and innovations in the medical field, to help deliver the highest quality, most professional medical service and patient care.



Our doctors are up to date with all the new treatment modalities and innovations in the medical field.   

Welcome to Advance Medical Clinic ( AMC )

welcome to advance mediclinic

Dental Department

Obstetrics and Gynecology Department 

Physiotherapy Department

Diet and Nutrition Department 

Dermatology Department 

We have specialized dental services for different age groups. We apply the highest standards and ethics and use the latest technology values.

We provide specialized and appropriate care for every pregnant woman we follow up the pregnancy from day one till the safe delivery of your precious specialists.

Having an experienced and efficient medical team using state-of-the-art medical equipment and advanced technology to provide the best services. 

Dental Department

Gynacology Department

Dermatology Department

Our Clinics

Team Work


Why Choose Us


Cofidentially Preservation

We deliver high quality healthcare through State-of-the-art Equipments.

We house a team of dedicated and highly qualified Doctors

We work for extended hours on regular days and holidays .

We offer multi-speciality healthcare services under one roof .

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