welcome to advance mediclinic

We provide services such as but not limited to


Radiographic imaging 

Extra oral : 3D & 2D  panoramic x-ray & cephalo metric.  

Intra oral : periapical  x-ray, bite wing&  occlusal x-ray. 

Periodontal treatment 

Prosthodontics & restorative 

Teeth whitening and gingival whitening 

Endodontic treatment 

Pedodontic treatments 

Scaling and polishing. Curettage & pockets cleaning.

Root planning & teeth splinting. Gingivectomy 

Hollywood smiles.


Lumineers,  Cosmetic fillings.  

Crowns. All types of Bridges.

Ceramic inlay and on lays.  

Full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Partial dentures.
Full dentures and immediate dentures.

All cosmetic treatments.  

Chrome/ cobalt dentures.

Post and core build up.

Restoration of badly decayed teeth

Treatments and retreatments up to the second premolars 



Stainless steel and anterior tooth coloured crowns.  

Restorations and fillings.

Space maintainer.

Teeth Extraction.

Scaling and polishing. 

Extraction of badly decayed teeth.

Extraction of remaining roots and retained teeth.

Sutures removals.

Oral surgery 

Dental Department

Dental Department

These technologies help us to deliver the best, most professional yet least painful dental treatments, starting from the CAD/ CAM machines, and electron microscope to the zoom-bleaching machine. 

We have specialized dental services for different age groups. We apply the highest standards and ethics and use the latest technology, in addition to continuing to develop quality in line with our vision and values.

Our mission at advance medical clinic is  To enhance the dental health and well-being of the  Qatari community by providing quality dental services in a professional and caring environment .our  specialist dentist , general practitioner dentists and Dental Assistants have been providing exceptional dental care to patients in our state-of-the-art facility . We  relentlessly pursue the highest level of performance in every clinical and business activity. This requires hard work, continuous improvement, and a constant focus on quality.. our dentists are updated  and supported by the newest inventions and innovations in the field of dentistry . Your smile and oral. Health are very important to us this is why we care.