Provides the best nutritional and sports programs for the treatment and control of diseases including  - Treatment of obesity, diabetes treatment, treatment of high fat, cholesterol and blood pressure, and also includes treatment for thinness and weight gain.

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Diet & Nutrition Department

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Diets for weight loss & weight gain. Diet programs for kids.

Diet programs for medical conditions (Diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, Heart Disease, Allergies, gestational diabetes).

Diet programs for pregnancy.

Body Composition Test
Diet programs for postpartum (after pregnancy). Diet programs for athletes.

Diet & Nutrition Department

• We aim to spread awareness in the community to achieve, maintain and sustain a better and healthy lifestyle by providing diet programs and regular follow ups.

• We focus on  Clients who are over or underweight.  Pregnant women.  Clients with medical conditions.  Athletes.

We provide services such as but not limited to

As a Diet Clinic, we aim to spread awareness in the community to achieve a better lifestyle. We focus on clients who are over or underweight, athletes, pregnant women, and clients with medical conditions to maintain and sustain their healthy lifestyle by providing diet programs and regular follow-ups.

Dana Hassan licensed Dietician joined AMC as Senior Dietitian. She Graduated from Hebron University in 2014 holding a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Food Processing. She started her career as an intern in Hamad Medical Corporation and Jordan Hospital. Afterwards, Dana worked in a local private hospital for almost two years then moved to a Diet/Medical Center.

Course of Sports Nutrition Guide for Starters, organized by the Swedish Academy of Sports Training (SAST) cooperation with the Global Council of Sports Science in Sweden (GCSS) (2017).

Course of Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy course authorized by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)  (2018).

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