The Gynecology Clinic offers care for females from infancy through menopause and annual exams to complex problems.
• We provide specialized and appropriate care for every pregnant woman we follow up the pregnancy from day one till the safe delivery of your precious one . by a team of trained staff and experienced specialists
• With our amazing highly professional specialized team you will feel safe, secured and comfortable. We care about your heath so we deliver the best care in Qatar .

We provide services such as but not limited to

Follow-up of women in adolescence, puberty, pre-marital and hormonal disorders.

Obstetrics & Gynecology Department 

Obstetrics & Gynecology Department 

• All inquiries about pregnancy and pregnancy regulation.

• Detection of cysts and polycystic ovary syndrome.

• Early detection of reproductive tract tumors.

• Early detection of cervical cancer.

• Follow-up low risk and high-risk pregnancies.

• Monitor fetal growth, number of fetuses and fetus type.

• Detection of some fetal diseases using 3D and 4D ultra.

• Follow-up post pregnancy and after birth.

• Inquire about methods to control pregnancy.

• Performing small operations for women in the clinic.
• Laser vaginal tightening and bleaching.

• Rejuvenation of all vaginal tissues.

• Treatment of incontinence and uncontrolled urine without surgery.

• Detection of recurrent vaginal and cervical infections or cervical ulcers.

• Implantation of secretions to determine the cause.

• Use of cervical ironing device as an alternative medicine.

• Delivery operations in private hospitals.

• Follow-up of the patient after surgery and surgery bandages cleaning and changing.

• Platelet plasma treatment for vesicular vagina.

• Rejuvenation of sensitive areas.

At advance medical clinic , we seek to provide patients with the very best in diagnosis and treatment, with outstanding quality, compassion and coordination. With an unmatched track record of scientific discovery and technological innovation , Advance medical clinic physicians are pioneering leading the best ways of diagnosis and treatments today that will change the way health care is delivered tomorrow.

As well as pregnancy follow up from day one till the safe delivery of your precious one .