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Your Journey

Our Dietitians will start your journey by conducting a comprehensive Nutritional Assessment and then teach you what, when and how much to eat providing you with all the practical advice, including an easy-to-follow personalized Eating Plan which will:


  • promote fat loss whilst improving your overall health


  • eliminate fatigue and restore energy


  • fully satisfy your appetite and control cravings


  • allow you to socialize and enjoy it


  • fit in with your budget and lifestyle


Meet Our Dietician

Dana Hassan licensed Dietician joined AMC as Senior Dietitian. She Graduated from Hebron University in 2014 holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Food Processing. She started her career as an intern at Hamad Medical Corporation and Jordan Hospital. Afterward, Dana worked in a local private hospital for almost two years then moved to a Diet/Medical Center.


Her Certificates

-The course of Sports Nutrition Guide for Starters, organized by the Swedish Academy of Sports Training (SAST) cooperation with the Global Council of Sports Science in Sweden (GCSS) (2017).


-The course of Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy course authorized by   Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) (2018).


We provide services such as but not limited to:-


Diet Programs

-Diets for weight loss & weight gain.

-Diet programs for kids.

-Diet programs for medical conditions (Diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, Heart disease, Allergies, gestational diabetes).

-Diet programs for pregnancy.

-Diet programs for postpartum (after pregnancy)

-Diet Programs for Athletes

Nutritional Test

-Body Composition Analysis

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